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Oak Island News

The History Channel's "Curse of Oak Island" series has completed its third year with (unsurprisingly) no discoveries, no treasure, and lots of unbased speculation. There are rumors of a 4th season, which pretty much indicates that the producers are going to milk the concept for as long as viewers keep coming back for the next set of non-discoveries. The most amusing recent incident involved a participant on the show claiming to have a "Roman sword" that was discovered in the nearby harbor. This turned out to be a cheap tourist knock-off, probably less than 100 years old, commonly found on eBay and other online sites. The amusement continues.

A video on the island on our YouTube channel has been receiving a great deal of commentary and activity. This is a version of the 2012 presentation, recorded with much better audio and a clear view of the slides. Interested folk are highly encouraged to view it, as it sums up the whole problem of money digging scams and their relationship to the Money Pit in fairly short order.

An article on the Money Pit was published in History Magazine in March 2015, and contained an "expose" of sorts on the reality of the Oak Island legend. It's certain to have annoyed many in the believer set.

Recent Updates

A new video on YouTube was published in January 2016, and provides an excellent Introduction to Historical Study for those who are interested. The video describes the differences between real and pseudohistory, and discusses common tasks and methodologies used in historical research as well as basic historiography.

A new video is now being produced on the topic of "Treasure Digging" in the early US and Canada, and should be available soon.


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