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Here we are, in 2014. It's been ten years since Critical Enquiry was established. While progress has been slow at times due to other commitments, the site has a loyal following and I'm hoping to build it out even more this year. Currently all existing content is being migrated to the WordPress blog (Critical Condition) and most new material will be added to that location, so please be sure to navigate to that part of the site. There you'll find articles on everything from "Land Battleships" to Premature Burial and the dawn of Standard Time. I encourage interested users to register and discuss topics of interest, or to suggest new areas for research!

For Oak Island buffs: the recent release of the History Channel's "Curse of Oak Island" series has bumped the popularity of those articles significantly. The "Michigan Group" has been active on the island, trying to drum up interest by making a huge number of unsupported and previously dismissed claims about the site. As always, no one bothers to read the history before jumping in to waste money at the site.

I also encourage interested parties to visit Paul Wroclawski's excellent Oak Island Theories site, where you can find links to many primary documents Paul has uncovered in Nova Scotian archives over the years. Unsurprisingly, most evidence points to the Money Pit being a hoax concocted by local landowners to cover up smuggling activities on the island.

A brand new video on the island has been added via our YouTube channel. This is a version of the 2012 presentation, recorded with much better audio and a clear view of the slides. Interested folk are highly encouraged to view it, as it sums up the whole problem of money digging scams and their relationship to the Money Pit in fairly short order.


Remember: the objective of Critical Enquiry is reasoned, impartial research into topics of interest and controversy. If you have a favorite subject you'd like to see us investigate, visit the Contact Page and send in your suggestion. Register for Critical Condition and jump into a discussion of the topics, or of skepticism in general.

And if you've written (or are considering) material you'd like to see on the site, let us know.

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