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In Oak Island news, a second season of the History Channel's "Curse of Oak Island" series has sparked new interest in the subject. As with all other TV shows on the subject, the series has focused on the hoary old legend and alleged attempts at recovering a treasure that almost certainly does not exist. The smallest find (for example, a single coin with a cross on it) is alleged to represent Templar involvement in the tale, in line with ridiculous books like "Holy Grail Across the Atlantic" and other fantasies. It would be wonderful if an appropriately research oriented TV show were to be produced about the story, but this is perhaps less likely than the possibility of a Tyrannosaurus Rex suddenly ambling down Park Lane in central London.

A video on the island on our YouTube channel has been receiving a great deal of commentary and activity. This is a version of the 2012 presentation, recorded with much better audio and a clear view of the slides. Interested folk are highly encouraged to view it, as it sums up the whole problem of money digging scams and their relationship to the Money Pit in fairly short order.

An article on the Money Pit has been accepted by History Magazine and is scheduled to appear in the March 2015 time frame. This will be an expose' on the reality of the Oak Island legend, and is guaranteed to annoy those who ignore or dismiss the outright falsity of the legend as generally known.

Sadly I must report that Paul Wroclawski's excellent Oak Island Theories website, which was the repository of a huge trove of primary documents Paul unearthed from various archives over the years, is permanently offline following Paul's untimely death during the Summer of 2014. The site has not been reachable for months, though the forum is still apparently operational in a limited fashion. I have attempted to contact his family in an effort to move the invaluable content to Critical Enquiry, but so far no response has been forthcoming.


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